Yucky eyeshadow creasing?

Why does my eyeshadow have creasing in it? Today I had a friend ask me this.  My answer…”PRIMER, PRIMER, PRIMER!” If you’re wondering how to make your eyeshadow last…Get yourself a primer!  If you’re wondering how to stop the creasing…Get yourself a primer! You don’t have to spend big bucks on eyeshadows, most drug store eyeshadows are just as good as the high end ones, but a good primer…that’s the key to the magic of eyeshadow beauty.  Personally, I use MAC’s Paint Pot called Painterly.  It’s not technically a primer but it’s the best makeup product I own…well…one of them. ;-)  Another option for a good primer would be by Urban Decay, Eyeshadow primer potion.  They are both worth the price because they will last you FORever!

Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer

$20 for original size

$9 for travel size

Available at Sephora

MAC’s Paint Pot


Available at MAC stores or MAC counters in Macy’s

Makeup Tip

When applying eyeshadow, stay away from harsh lines. A good blending brush can blend your eyeshadow beautifully.


MAC’s Paint Pot